Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Why I want to be filthy rich...

Ok, so by the title, I'm sure it sounds pretty bad. I know that but give me a chance.

I used to believe that money was evil and anyone who had lots of it was evil. But as I was discussing with a close friend last night, it is not the money itself that is "evil". Money has no say, no opinion. It is how we use it that matters. I know that I personally had a lot of issues with money and my relationship to it. And after some research, I now understand that it is because my first role models (my parents) had a certain mentality about it and naturally, I'm going to pick that up, whether I want to or not, whether I am aware of it or not.

Imagine, as a five year old, you ask for something you want and your parents says "We can't afford that." And maybe they can't at that moment. But after hearing this over and over again, we begin to believe that we can't afford it- that it is normal to live paycheque to paycheque. If you grew up hearing that people with money are cold hearted and greedy, you will most likely, in your subconscious, believe it. It is only when we become aware of our HABITS and our BELIEFS that we can change them.

Why do you think that 3% of the world makes 98% of the money earned int he world? Yes, we can go into the structural nature of governments, corporations and other institutions that we believe "keep us down", but I will be as bold to say that the reason why is simply that 98% of the world do not BELIEVE they can.

Our beliefs are who we are. Let me say that again. We are our beliefs.
Our beliefs determine our thoughts.
Our thoughts determine our feelings.
Our feelings determine our actions.
Our actions determine our life.

So let's go back to that chain reaction.
Let's say I do believe that only the rich can be rich and there is no way an immigrant such as myself could play in the big league.
I think that life isn't fair and the only way I can have financial success is to work really hard for a lot of hours and pray that I can save enough to get a home one day.
I feel tired, hopeless and unmotivated.
My actions is stay at my 9-5pm job.
My life is a routine.

So I ask you. What are your beliefs and how are they affecting the chain reaction that I laid out above? Be honest with yourself other wise answering these questions are pointless. So if you see the world as a trap, with no opportunities and people you can't trust, that is exactly what it YOU. That is all that you will ever attract into your life because your FREQUENCY (and we are all energy and so we are always vibrating at a frequency) are the same as those beliefs. Did you know there is a frequency for fear, love, hate, resentment, fear, inspiration, hope- all the emotions. Haven't you seen someone in a room that you know you don't want to talk to? Or someone who fascinates you, who is just glowing. Those two people are radiating at very different frequencies and you are picking up on them. It is not an intellectual thing. It is an intuitive thing. We all have intuitive faculties at our disposal but the strength of them differ depending on our experiences and who we are. The good part is, you can nurture yours.

I must reiterate that this is not to say that one way of living is better than another. Do what makes you happy. Sincerely happy.

Now I know I went on a tangent. You're thinking, "The title of this blog is "Why I want o be filthy rich..." so where is that in that? Here's where I'm going with this.

I have always dreamed BIG, always. Because I know I have the capacity to achieve what I want, just like anyone else that has a dream. Yes, it would be lovely to have my own studio or home and all those other material things that make life easier. But the deeper things I want is to start a community centre/school for the Khmer Krom youths in the South of Vietnam, who are the indigenous people of the Mekong Delta and who are my community. I want to spend quality time with my family and friends, help my family build an empire back at "home", start foundations and charities that will help those who are underserved to go to school and achieve their dreams. I want to help people find their authentic voice, own their space, walk with ease and confidence....

And the list goes on.

Now how can I possibly do this if I do not have the financial means to stabilize myself so that I can extend my services without the worry of paying this or that? I need absolute financial freedom, which doesn't mean that I won't have anything to pay. It simply means that I CAN! It is NOT about the money but what I have because of it- time, freedom of choice and quality of life. Too many of us are run by our paycheques. "Oh I can't because I'm on a budget." "I can't because my insurance is going through next week." "Oh I can't because I owe my line of credit." And so on.

Well, I don't know about you, but I am done with living that way. I want to be FILTHY RICH so that I can give more of myself and more of my services. We all have such amazing talents that most are not using because we don't have the means to be able to apply them. I am declaring here and now that everyday, I am working towards my financial freedom. I want to be my own boss, the driver of my life.

How about you?


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